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Woodx laminates HPL is driven by the principles of creativity, originality, consideration and enthusiasm. We pride ourselves as one of the best residential and commercial Exterior designers in Delhi NCR. We have a fearless attitude and approach towards Exterior designing. We always have an unquenchable thirst for what is new, interesting, exciting and creative. We pride ourselves in outshining the very depth of design by delivering in luxurious, creative and beautiful homes that directly corresponds to our client needs.

Exterior Design is a full service firm that specializes in high end residential projects. The mission of Woodx laminates Exterior Design is to create Exteriors that are timeless, sophisticated and functional. The company was formed in 2016. Trained as an Exterior Designer in New Delhi City, Woodx laminates hpl has developed a passion for design from different design, color, shades and styles. Her understanding of scale, proportion and design leads her to create harmonious, clean and shape residential environments.